Sustainability Policy

Park Cam’s Vision on Sustainability

By aiming to carry out its activities at international sustainability standards, Park Cam Industry and Trade Inc.  (Park Cam) aims to add value to all its stakeholders, especially its customers, employees, suppliers and the society, to protect natural resources and the environment, and to further develop its position and competitive power in the sector with its sustainable growth and development strategies. In this direction, Park Cam aims to develop and maintain a sustainable way of doing business on a global scale and in the long term, by following strategies that will contribute to the economy, society and the environment.

In accordance with this policy, Park Cam supports the relevant national and international conventions, principles and guidelines on which the policy is based. The Sustainability Policy presents Park Cam’s overall approach to its ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitments and is a complementary and supporting document to other existing corporate governance policies. This policy envisages, at a minimum, compliance with all relevant ESG regulations; protection of the environment and natural resources, adherence to internationally accepted sustainability principles on employee and human rights, and the fight against bribery and corruption.

Sustainability Principles

With the corporate sustainability practices carried out within the scope of this policy as the basic articles of the Sustainability Policy Park Cam has accepted:

  1. To carry out all its activities in full compliance with all relevant national and international laws and regulations and internationally accepted ethical values, by adhering to ethical and responsible business conduct,
  2. To fully meet the expectations of its customers and to provide products and services at minimum international standards by taking customer satisfaction and the health and safety impact of the products into the foreground throughout the product and service life cycle,
  3. To reveal the corporate culture by accepting the principles of transparency, fairness, responsibility and accountability in corporate management, to integrate the risk management process into all business processes by taking a holistic approach, to target sustainable growth with a risk management culture and to ensure business continuity,
  4. To provide an inclusive, fair, equal, healthy and safe working environment where social equality is ensured and working rights are constantly improved, and to continuously support employee development, by observing the happiness and satisfaction of its employees, who are its top priority stakeholders,
  5. To establish long-term, permanent and mutual trust-based relationships by giving importance to bilateral stakeholder dialogue and taking into account the expectations of its stakeholders,
  6. To measure and evaluate the environmental and social impacts of its activities on the environment and society, and to take measures in this regard,
  7. Acting with the understanding of corporate social responsibility, to support social benefit projects with social responsibility and volunteering activities carried out by taking into account the needs of the local communities with which we interact,
  8. To contribute to socio-economic development by giving priority to local employment and development,
  9. In addition to compliance with environmental legal requirements, activities carried out in line with the environment and energy management system, including climate change, protection of natural resources, waste recycling, protection of biodiversity, improvements in water management and transition to a low carbon economy, and to make efforts to reduce the environmental  impact,
  10. By attaching importance to the sustainability criteria in the supply chain, by adding these criteria to the selection, evaluation and performance monitoring processes of the suppliers, to contribute to the reduction of the sustainability risks in the entire value chain and to strive to increase the environmental and social sustainability performance of the suppliers,
  11. To act with the principle of zero tolerance against bribery and corruption in the activities carried out in its own activities and value chain, and to comply with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations, ethical principles and universal rules in the activities carried out,
  12. To raise awareness of both employees and stakeholders about sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals,
  13. To follow national and international practices in the field of sustainability and to contribute to these processes with its own practices,
  14. To be open to cooperation with initiatives that carry out studies on sustainability.

Policy Approval and Responsibility

Sustainability practices within Park Cam are carried out under the leadership of the General Manager and the Sustainability Policy is approved by the General Manager.

A Sustainability Committee has been established in order to carry out sustainability practices at the senior management level, and the Sustainability Committee is responsible for the improvement, implementation, annual review and, if necessary, updating of the policy. All employees, especially the Sustainability Committee and Sustainability Working Group, are responsible for the monitoring and execution of each item in this policy.