Company Profile

We shape glass, which is the most reliable packaging material for human health with its pure structure and features from nature, with advanced technology and produce high quality and aesthetic glass packages to be used safely. We care about the contribution of glass as much as possible in modern life in ensuring a sustainable world, and we make great efforts for this. As Park Cam, the successful results we have achieved on the way we set out with the aim of bringing new quality standards to the sector increase our belief and determination in reaching our goal. Maintaining our quality superiority is one of our most important competitive strategies.

Customer needs, increasing expectations and the problems that await solutions in the glass packaging industry had been carefully analyzed during the establishment of our company and became our most important guides in shaping the production processes, selecting critical suppliers and creating human resources. The feedback we receive from our customers will continue to be our greatest guide in improving our systems continuously.

We actively use the most advanced technologies in the glass packaging industry in our production and control systems for high efficiency and quality. Many advanced technologies such as the use of automatic lubrication robots, hot end-cold end automatic control systems, on-line automatic sampling systems are effectively applied in our factory. We are proud on behalf of the Turkish industry to be a leading company in the world at the point of establishing and applying the newest technologies in our industry and to present these technologies on international platforms. By establishing mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers, we also provide important opportunities for the development of these technologies.


As a food contact packaging material manufacturer, we give great importance to food safety and hygiene. Even at the investment stage, we did not hesitate to take costly measures to eliminate possible sources of pollution, to provide as simple, wide and bright working environments as possible, to carry out maintenance and cleaning activities easily and effectively, and to isolate sensitive areas while creating facility architectural plans, machinery and work flows. By constructing a separate floor for the return conveyors of the in-house discarded glass shards, a very large pollution source is removed from the operating environment, feeding the machine cable ducts from the lower floor, and separating the cold end working environments, which are sensitive for hygiene, with a wall from the hot end, is some of our effective methods that is not very common in conventional glass packaging facilities.

We see the use of objective data as an important tool for continuous improvement and decision making. For this reason, we have the software and hardware infrastructure that will present the data obtained uninterruptedly from the automation systems built on the process and control processes, for the evaluation of by the technical personnel and management.


Under the leadership of our visionary senior management, we will continue to work diligently to raise our quality bar even more by using our high-tech infrastructure in the most effective way and continuously improving it, with a young, dynamic team working for common goals with a team spirit.