OHS – Occupational Health And Safety

Park Glass attaches great importance to Occupational Health and Safety since its opening in 2013. Working environment ergonomics, Machinery and equipment safety, Operational safety measures, Conscious and experienced management team, with its young and dynamic employees, brought a new breath to the glass packaging sector, and now it has become the healthiest and safest workplace in this sector. It has reduced the frequency of occupational accidents from 23 to 2.6 per million working hours. Park Glass is the most reliable workplace not only for its employees, but also for subcontractors, suppliers, interns and visitors. With the TS ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System we are implementing, our priority has always been Occupational Safety. As Park Glass, our Occupational Health and Safety Policy is to ensure the health and safety of our employees, sub-employers, suppliers, interns and visitors at the highest level. It has always been our priority to take Occupational Health and Safety measures first and then get the job done. As Park Glass, our OHS Vision is “To be the world’s most reliable and safe glass production facility”, and our OHS Mission is “To establish an advanced Occupational Health and Safety Culture in our country’s glass industry and other stakeholder sectors.” We have realized this vision and we will continue to develop it further.

As Park Glass, our basic philosophy in Occupational Health and Safety is to eliminate the danger at its source. With this philosophy, controls and audits are carried out in all our working areas. Our basic philosophy has been to replace the hazards that cannot be eliminated at their source with non-hazardous or less dangerous ones, and to minimize the hazards with engineering solutions. In this sense, we take systematic measures in line with the information and opinions of all our managers and employee representatives in our Risk Analysis and Evaluation studies. Thus, we are protected from work accidents and occupational diseases. We think that personal protective equipment should be used if the risks cannot be reduced sufficiently. We ensure that our employees use the most reliable KKD (?).


Park Cam attaches great importance to OHS Trainings. More than 16 hours of OHS Trainings are provided to our employees every year, except for legal obligations, regarding other Operational activities. We see how effective these trainings are in the field. We attach great importance to the participation of employees in OHS activities and to get their opinions. We attach great importance to the opinions of our employees through activities such as the Near-miss notification system, the Suggestion system, OHS Board Meetings, Risk Analysis studies, etc. Employees’ support for OHS is very important. We can clearly see this support on the field.


Within the framework of preparedness for emergencies, we are ready for emergencies with all other necessary teams, especially fire extinguishing, search and rescue, first aid teams. We ensure that our teams are always ready with special emergency trainings and realistic exercises. With our fire extinguishing equipment, emergency rescue equipment and First Aid equipment, we have the knowledge, ability and equipment to respond to all kinds of emergencies and cases. As we are in the glass packaging industry and work with hazardous materials, we attach great importance to explosive environment safety, fire safety and chemical substance safety. Since we are in a very dangerous business line, we apply the work permit system in operations such as working at height, indoor work, hot processes, lifting operations, subcontracting activities. We apply fire safety at the most advanced levels. Labeling and locking of dangerous energy is applied very nicely in maintenance and repair processes. We have now become a self-controlled workplace. This is Park Glass that can inspect itself in the field and solves its problems with the OHS checklists made by the departments periodically every month.


The target at Park Cam is “Zero Occupational Accidents” and “Zero Occupational Diseases”. We will reach this goal together. There is a direct proportion between OHS and production, efficiency and quality. The correct application of occupational health and safety leads to an increase in production, efficiency and quality. As Park Glass, our goal is to completely establish the OHS Culture by preventing Occupational Accidents and Occupational Diseases. To be an exemplary business with advanced OHS Practices. In this context, it will always be our goal to work with all our strength to ensure that our employees are happy, healthy and safe.