Health First

The primary goal of occupational health and safety practices is to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases, which are among the most important problems of working life and cause painful losses. The basis of the prevention strategy is the determination of a systematic, legal and scientifically based control program by analyzing the risks in the workplace. The program, which was created with a professional and sensitive approach at Park Glass, starts with job entrance examinations that allow each employee to be placed in a position suitable for their physical and psychological structure. This is followed by steps such as periodic examinations, medical examinations, additional and complementary examinations, immunization, training to prevent risks, keeping and reporting health records throughout the working life.

Each component of this program, referred to as health surveillance, is of particular importance because prevention is more humane than cure. In addition to preventing work accidents and occupational diseases, the activities carried out at Park Glass aim to develop positive health behaviors such as balanced nutrition, quality sleep and exercise habits, avoiding harmful substances such as smoking and alcohol, stress management and emotional agility. In this direction, the Workplace Health Unit has been serving since 2013 to keep and improve the physical, mental and social well-being of employees at the highest level. Consisting of an occupational physician, support team and occupational nurses, the Unit carries out its work in close cooperation with other OHS professionals. The main goal of Park Glass health services is to create awareness of a healthy and safe life, to ensure that every employee takes responsibility for their own health, and thus to contribute to public health.