Park Glass Is In The List Of 600 The Largest Industrial Companies

Istanbul Chamber of Industry announced Turkey’s 500 largest industrial enterprises. Our company Park Glass took the 332nd place.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry announced the results of Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises research. TÜPRAŞ is at the top of the list. Ford Automotive took the second place and Oyak Renault took the third place.

Park Glass Trade Inc. It was ranked 332nd. Park Glass, which rose 8 places, was 340th on the list last year. Park Glass’s sales from production amounted to 875,265,793.

Park Glass exported 8 million 601 thousand dollars last year. According to this figure, it ranked 411th among the top 500 industrial enterprises exporting.

Kazan Soda and Eti Soda from Ciner Group companies were also on the list. Kazan Soda Electricity Production Inc. ranked 70th. Kazan Soda, with sales of 3,350,894,193 TL, was 64th on the list last year.

Eti Soda Production Marketing Transport and Electricity Production Trade Inc.  was ranked 105th. With sales of 2,292,993,903 TL, the company was 103rd in the list last year.