Park Cam Among the Top 500 Industrial Enterprises

Park Cam also took part in the “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises Research” announced by ICI.

Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) has announced the results of the “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises Research” for 2021, which has determined the giants league of the industrial sector and has been conducted continuously since 1968.

In the ICI 500 study, Tüpraş became the largest company in terms of sales from production, with sales of 136.8 billion liras in 202. “Ford Automotive” maintained its second place with 67.3 billion liras. “Star Refinery”, which rose three rows with sales of 55.2 billion liras from production, came in third. “Toyota Automotive”, which ranked fourth, was another company that preserved its place last year with its production sales of 46.2 billion liras. “Iskenderun Iron and Steel”, which was in the 10th place of the list last year, rose to the fifth rank with 38.7 billion liras worth of production sales. An enterprise that did not want its name to be revealed took the sixth place. “Ereğli Iron and Steel” moved up two ranks to take the seventh place in 2021, with sales of 36.8 billion liras from production. “Arçelik”, on the other hand, came in eighth with 35.8 billion liras. “Oyak-Renault” took the ninth place with 34.4 billion liras, while “TOFAŞ” took the 10th place with its production sales of 26.6 billion liras.

Park Cam is also among the 500 largest industrial companies in Turkey. Park Cam took the 495th place in the list with a sales figure of 990.186.138 TL. Our company ranked 448th in the list with an export figure of 2,789,000 dollars. Whereas, in terms of the number of employees it ranked 329th among 500 companies.