Social Responsibility


As Park Cam Industry and Trade Inc., which produces glass packaging we promise;

  • Fair and Equal Treatment: To create a work environment where employees are valued and respected, without any form of discrimination based on their gender, nationality, skin color, language, marital status, ethnicity, religion, cultural characteristics, age, disability, social class, financial position, sexual orientation, union membership, political affinity, physical capacity, health and pregnancy in recruitment and work processes, to create a work environment where employees are valued and respected, not to tolerate any form of harassment and ill-treatment, to make all employment decisions such as promotion, salary, termination of employment, training opportunities and assignment based solely on factors such as qualification, performance, merit and experience.
  • Awareness Raising of Employees and Communication: To provide an effective communication and motivation environment, believing that social responsibility and ethical business conduct are based on conscious employees, the principles of diversity and inclusiveness are determined, in which employees can use their creativity and express their ideas, to increase their awareness level by informing them about their personal rights, company rules, working conditions and by providing them with training at certain periods during the recruitment phase.
  • Working Hours and Wages: To ensure that all employees have legal work permits and are contracted, that employees are paid fair and sufficient wages in line with the principle of equal pay for equal work, within the framework of company and sector conditions, that payments are made on time, no discrimination in wage system, the right to use off-days, compensation, working hours, overtime and other to provide the legal requirements and sectoral standards on all fringe benefits,
  • Safe and Clean Working Environment: To provide a safe, healthy, clean working environment that allows everyone to benefit equally from all opportunities, to its employees involved in its own activities, to all business partners including visitors, subcontractors and suppliers.
  • Child labor: To comply with the legal minimum age limit and not to employ employees under the age of 15 within the scope of Article 138 of the International Labor Organization Convention, to protect young employees from all kinds of factors that may harm their social, physical and emotional development and health, and to ensure that their education is not hindered,
  • Forced and Compulsory Labor: not to make working obligatory by contract or in return for debt, but to work on a voluntary basis, not to use forced or compulsory labor, modern slavery, unregistered/illegal employment, physical, sexual, psychological or verbal abuse, and to use illegal practices such as withholding identity and/or travel documents and personal belongings that allow employees to move freely under any circumstances,
  • Occupational health and Safety: To create a safer and healthier working environment by creating a communication environment where all employees and stakeholders can work in accordance with the occupational health and safety policy considering the human being as the most valuable asset in all its operations, to focus on minimizing any loss that may occur, to organize training in order to ensure that all employees are aware of their individual responsibilities on the subject, to provide the necessary equipment in terms of occupational health and safety in a timely and complete manner, to comply with the local laws, regulations and conditions regarding occupational health and safety, taking into account the standards and rules of our company, and to raise awareness of the stakeholders about the studies carried out on this issue and to provide the necessary training continuously,
  • Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining: To respect the right of all employees to organize and bargain collectively within the framework of legal regulations,
  • Ethical Principles: To comply with all laws and regulations to which we are subject, to keep records transparently and up-to-date in order to prove compliance with the relevant regulations, not to tolerate any form of corruption and bribery in our company; not to give or receive bribes and/or gifts in order to gain benefits, to facilitate business, to establish the necessary mechanisms and policies to combat corruption and bribery, to avoid situations that may create a conflict of interest,
  • Suggestions, Requests and Complaints: To establish the necessary communication mechanism for employees, suppliers, customers, stakeholders including local people to convey their wishes, suggestions and complaints, to evaluate them in a timely and effective manner, and to provide a happy and respectful environment to employees and business partners in line with the feedback received, not to let being exposed to any mobbing and retaliation activities against the person who expresses suggestions, complaints and concerns, or wants to get support on the issue in a situation where one is in a dilemma, and who cooperates in the activities carried out,
  • Supplier Administration: To evaluate the social responsibility and sustainability activities of the third parties we cooperate with, to follow the results with action plans, to control their activities in this field with management systems, with the belief that all our business partners, including our suppliers, have equal responsibility,

Reporting Policy Violations:

Any suspected case of violating the law, regulation and/or our company’s social responsibility policy can be reported over the phone or the internet. All reports made will remain confidential and the reporter identities will be kept confidential as permitted by law.

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