Our Policy On Human Resources

As Park Glass, it is to provide our customers, consumers, the environment and employees with lighter and superior quality glass packaging products produced with high technology, fully meeting international standards, healthy, reliable, competitive and making a difference. To be the leader of the glass packaging market, which will be formed by the education, development and growth of all relevant sectors, especially consumers, in packaging consumption.

As one of the world’s leading companies in the Park Glass sector, it acts with the awareness that its employees, who adopt its mission and vision in all aspects and contribute with their outstanding efforts, are the most important factor in this success. It has adopted the HR Policy to always offer the best to its employees by implementing innovative Human Resources practices. In this context our goals are;

to ensure the most effective and efficient use of Human Resources, to direct the production and management power to the targets of Park Glass, to continuously improve individual and corporate performance with quality-improving processes and systems,

to perform the assignment of personnel suitable for the nature of the job, to provide opportunities for the personnel to grow and develop according to their abilities and qualifications, to implement training programs within and outside of Park Glass within the framework of the plan to be determined,

observing equality of opportunity in promotions and appointments within the organization, trying to make manager appointments from Park Glass employees as much as possible, taking care to train personnel within Park Glass, applying a backup system for key positions,

To provide an effective communication and motivation environment where employees can use their creativity and express their ideas, to listen and evaluate their requests and complaints,

Not to discriminate among our employees based on social class, nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, gender, financial position, sexual orientation, union membership, political affinity, health and pregnancy,

To inform the personnel in a timely manner about the issues that concern them, to enable them to easily convey their opinions and thoughts to the upper levels, and to develop the necessary communication methods for this,

Encouraging the personnel to work, making efforts to create a work environment that will make them happy and to establish good relations between employees,

To determine the wages of the personnel according to objective measures and with the work and performance evaluation system, to implement fair and sufficient wage policies within the framework of company and sector conditions,

To ensure that our employees are knowledgeable about management systems standards and policies and to act on a common point in line with the targets.

To reward successful personnel as much as possible.